[PATCH] vfs module for VxFS

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Fri Aug 29 12:42:01 MDT 2014

On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 01:00:14AM -0700, Abhidnya Joshi wrote:
> Hi Jeremy,
> Thanks for the quick review.
> Please find attached patch with changes.

Ok - full review follows:

Inside :

static char * vxfs_sort_acl(SMB_ACL_T theacl, TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx,
                            uint32_t o_uid,
                            uint32_t o_gid) {

you have:

                switch(smb_ace->a_type) {
                        type = -1;

                switch(smb_ace->a_type) {
                        id = -1;

The 'default' cases IMHO are error conditions,
and you should treat as such (i.e. return false


static char * vxfs_compact_buf(char *e_buf, int *new_count, int count,
                               TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx)

You have:

        c_buf = talloc_zero_size(mem_ctx, count * 8);

followed by:

        /*Copy first two enries from e_buf to c_buf
         *These are USER_OBJ and GROUP_OBJ

        memcpy(c_buf, e_buf, 16);

There are no checks that count >= 2, meaning the
memcpy could overflow c_buf is count == 1.


static bool vxfs_compare_acls(char *e_buf, char *n_buf, int n_count,
                              int e_count) {

You have:

        n_type = SVAL(n_buf, offset + (8 * (n_count-1)));
        e_type = SVAL(e_buf, offset + (8 * (e_count-1)));

You need checks that n_count and e_count are big enough.


static bool vxfs_compare(connection_struct *conn, char *name, SMB_ACL_T the_acl,
                         SMB_ACL_TYPE_T the_acl_type)

You directly call:

        if (stat(name, &st) == -1) {

For a stackable VFS module you can't call stat() directly,
this must be SMB_VFS_STAT() instead.

Looking really good though ! Give me another go around
fixing these issues please and I'll get on it asap.



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