[PATCH] vfs module for VxFS

Abhidnya Joshi Abhidnya_Joshi at symantec.com
Wed Aug 27 06:32:49 MDT 2014

Hi List,

As part of our NAS product, we are using Samba on top of Symantec File System (VxFS).

We are making use of acl_xattr module to interpret and store NTACLs.

This module tries to fix 2 issues:

1. Presently VxFS does not support security namespace for named attrs thus, NTACLs have to be stored under user.NTACL.

2. In VxFS, typically newly created file will share POSIX ACLs of its parent unless explicit ACL set call is made. POSIX ACLs are stored as an extended attr of a file/dir which uses separate inode.

That means if there is sharing of ACLs, lesser number of Inodes. With acl_xattr, it is always explicit set ACL call after file/dir create. Thus inode number doubles!

Our idea here is, do not set ACLs if existing POSIX ACLs are same with whatever Samba calculated as far as possible.

Please find attached patch which adds new module for VxFS which can handle this.

This patch applies to Samba master. Please let me know reviews/comments.

Thanks and Regards

Abhidnya Joshi

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