samba4 AD - workstations see only 10 group policy objects

Vladimir Obukhov stncldbsh at
Mon Aug 25 00:38:17 MDT 2014

I've faced the following problem after adding eleventh gpo
it's not applied and in workstations logs I see the following

Event ID 1502 “Description: The Group Policy settings for the computer were
processed successfully. New settings from 10 Group Policy objects were
detected and applied.”

but I have 11 of them and I need more
I tried to push eleventh gpo higher to the 8'th place, the same problem
is this some kind of restriction or am I doing smth wrong?

software versions:
workstations where I see this error Win7 Professional not activated yet,
I'm going to activate them this week. all recommended updates for windows
are applied (via network)

AD server debian 7.6 with sernet-samba 99:4.1.9-8


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