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Amitay Isaacs amitay at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 21:36:45 MDT 2014

On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 1:55 PM, Amitay Isaacs <amitay at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> Here are some more CTDB locking changes.  These changes add a TALLOC_CTX
> to all the locking calls.  So the requests are correctly created using the
> specified TALLOC_CTX and freeing the context will automatically clean up
> lock context associated with it.
> This patch series also includes a patch to fix one of the long standing
> issues of high hopcounts.  In some case, a lock request will keep bouncing
> back and forth between two nodes very quickly.  This occurs during a small
> window when a record is migrated from one node to other node and the
> migrated record has not yet been written to the database.  During this time
> the dmaster information on both the nodes is inconsistent and each node
> points to the other node as dmaster.  This issue was further complicated by
> ctdb lock wait processes getting starved when waiting for robust mutex lock
> for the migrated record.  We need to ensure that ctdb lock wait processes
> run with higher priority than smbd, so ctdb can finish migration of records
> quickly.  Also, hold off all the record requests if there is record
> migration in progress.  This will avoid record requests bouncing between
> the nodes like crazy.
> The patches are in my ctdb-wip branch and are also attached.
> http://git.samba.org/?p=amitay/samba.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/ctdb-wip
> Please review and push if ok.
> Amitay.

Found a memory leak in the deferral code.

diff --git a/ctdb/server/ctdb_call.c b/ctdb/server/ctdb_call.c
index 7a8b508..956b3e8 100644
--- a/ctdb/server/ctdb_call.c
+++ b/ctdb/server/ctdb_call.c
@@ -428,6 +428,7 @@ static void dmaster_defer_reprocess(struct
tevent_context *ev,
                private_data, struct dmaster_defer_call);

        ctdb_input_pkt(call->ctdb, call->hdr);
+       talloc_free(call);

 static int dmaster_defer_queue_destructor(struct dmaster_defer_queue *ddq)

Updated patches attached.  Please review.

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