Patches bug #10773 (SECINFO_PROTECTED_DACL is not ignored)

Jeremy Allison jra at
Thu Aug 21 15:27:37 MDT 2014

On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 04:35:47PM +0200, Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:
> Hi,
> here're some patches for
> It seems we need to ignore flags like SECINFO_PROTECTED_DACL.
> Otherwise we get unexpected behaviours from the Windows
> MoveSecurityAttributes() function.
> Please review.
> Jeremy, do you think we should keep the SECINFO_PROTECTED_DACL
> logic in posix_get_nt_acl_common()?

No, I think that logic is wrong and we should remove it.

It was written a long time ago before we had complete
understanding of what SECINFO_PROTECTED_DACL meant (do we now ? :-).

Your patch looks correct to me.

Let me review more carefully and I'll push if I'm happy.



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