[Samba] VFs recycle, what about a trigger to delete files after xxxx!?

David Disseldorp ddiss at suse.de
Wed Apr 23 07:08:26 MDT 2014

Hi Daniel,

On Tue, 15 Apr 2014 12:32:07 +0200, Daniel Müller wrote:

> I am  working with vfs recycle and it is a real great thing.
> But something I missed all the years is a param like :
> recycle:purge=MAXDAYS. (where MAXDAYS is, Age of which files and directories
> are stored
> In the recycle before they are purged)
> I do this with my own scripts but it would be a great feature for me as
> admin to set this param
> without the need of scripting  myself.

Sounds like you're looking for functionality that's normally provided
with device or filesystem snapshots. I'd suggest looking at btrfs, LVM
or Snapper managed snapshots, and the vfs_shadow_copy(2) Samba modules.

Such a setup would have the following benefits over using the
vfs_recycle module:
- COW snapshots are space efficient, so storage of duplicate file data
  can be avoided.
- Users can access/restore previous file versions by right clicking on
  the base file or folder in Explorer, rather than navigating to the
  recycle bin.

Cheers, David

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