Samba3 + OpenLdap classicupgrade problems - Administrator sambaSID != *-500

Marc Muehlfeld samba at
Sat Apr 12 08:53:58 MDT 2014

Hello Kamen,

Am 12.04.2014 13:40, schrieb Kamen Mazdrashki:
>> Just change the SID of your Administrator account in your ldap tree before
>> start classic upgrade
>> In your case, S-1-5-21-2051375009-2767682937-3133487178-2024 must become
>> S-1-5-21-2051375009-2767682937-3133487178-500
> I see you have done this before in mailing list and I wonder what
> side-effects should
> I expect from changing sambaSID in OL? I am testing with very basic
> installation
> and I have no sane way to verify for implications from such change.

E. g. if you have a Windows machine, where you have put the 
administrator account into share or filesystem permissions, this would 
get lost. Windows store the SID instead of username/groups in it's ACLs.


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