[PATCH] Prevent partial object replication by ensuring admin can not remove tombstones easily

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Thu Apr 3 10:00:03 MDT 2014

Am 03.04.2014 04:30, schrieb Andrew Bartlett:
> Arvid sent me off-list a test case that was able to provoke partial
> object replication, the major issue we have been chasing for the past
> few weeks.
> That test worked by removing the object not only as a normal object, but
> also as a tombstone.
> I've modified his test, and attached is below in a form that can be run
> in 'make test' (for easier reproduction).  I've been unable to make it
> reliably do partial replication, but I've saved the instances where that
> has happened.  It does reliably create a conflict record. 
> To run, use:
> SELFTEST_TESTENV=promoted_dc make testenv 
> on a Samba 4.1 tree.
> To close of this possible source of corruption, this patch prevents
> ldbdel from deleting tombstones, even if used directly on the database,
> unless --relax is used or the dbcheck control is specified.  
> Please review.

looks good, please push it.


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