[PATCH] Re: samba_backup bug fix, error message enhancements, command line enhancement

Brian Martin samba-ml1 at martinconsulting.com
Mon Sep 30 14:34:21 MDT 2013

> I would prefer the files in the backup could just be restored directly,
> so end in .ldb.
>>   From the patch mechanics perspective, do I code this against the
>> current base code, against the code containing my prior patches, or
>> should I withdraw the prior patch and prepare a single new patch
>> containing the prior patches and this too?
> Whichever you prefer.  Generally we like small patches that do one thing
> at a time, so building on top of this is quite fine.


Attached is the patch you suggested.  Please let me know if there's 
anything else I can do.

                           -Brian Martin

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