"smbd" core-dump as a result of changing "inherit permissions" to "no" in "smb.conf".

Tris Mabbs TM-Samba201302 at Firstgrade.Co.UK
Fri Sep 27 15:54:38 MDT 2013

>> Anything else I can do/provide/. to help diagnose & fix this?
> Add the line:
> panic action = /bin/sleep 9999999
> in the [global] section of your smb.conf file.
> Build with symbols, and when it crashes attach to the parent process of
the sleep with a debugger and it should be frozen at the right place.

Excellent - will do.

> Having said this this looks like something we fixed w.r.t. dos filenames
hitting a race condition with open requests.
> But the above proceedure should give us the info we need to track it down.

Hokay, as soon as I have any results (probably tomorrow now) I'll send an
update.  However if it is "something we fixed", does that mean it somehow
didn't get committed (or at least committed yet)?  This core-dumps on a
build from "4.2.0pre1-GIT-89200c2"; the current (as of right now) build is
"Version 4.2.0pre1-GIT-6bf9a77", so fixed between those two revisions?

Oh well - guess we'll see tomorrow :-)

Many thanks for the very quick and helpful response,

> Jeremy.


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