SMB2 performance is worse than SMB1 while iometer 512byte transfer

Jones jones.kstw at
Fri Sep 20 05:29:26 CEST 2013

Hi list,

> But still one thing interesting,
> though no "debug level" or "log level" is specified in smb.conf,
> Globals.szLogLevel = 1 made me confused.
> Per this link depicted that default is 0,
Found the cause:
the smbd is launched through command line and with argument "-d1",
hence default log level is overwritten by command line argument "-d1".
So actually it is my misunderstanding ,sorry for misleading post.

GDB guides me here:
Hardware watchpoint 2: Globals.szLogLevel

Old value = 0x0
New value = 0x8c1bf10 "1"
string_init (dest=0x8c102f4 <Globals+404>, src=0x8c1b5f0 "1") at
755                     if ((*dest) == NULL) {
(gdb) bt
#0  string_init (dest=0x8c102f4 <Globals+404>, src=0x8c1b5f0 "1") at
#1  0x08545786 in string_set (dest=0x8c102f4 <Globals+404>, src=0x8c1b5f0
"1") at lib/util_str.c:784
#2  0x080f4c3d in handle_debug_list (snum=-1, pszParmValueIn=0x8c1b5f0 "1",
ptr=0x8c102f4 <Globals+404>) at param/loadparm.c:7916
#3  0x080f5495 in lp_do_parameter (snum=-1, pszParmName=0x8c1b2e8 "log
level", pszParmValue=0x8c1b5f0 "1") at param/loadparm.c:8133
#4  0x080f56db in lp_set_cmdline_helper (pszParmName=0x8c1b2e8 "log level",
pszParmValue=0x8c1b5f0 "1", store_values=false) at param/loadparm.c:8199
#5  0x080e9406 in apply_lp_set_cmdline () at param/loadparm.c:5205
#6  0x080ea0cb in init_globals (reinit_globals=true) at
#7  0x080f9451 in lp_load_ex (pszFname=0x89be7e9 "/etc/config/smb.conf",
global_only=false, save_defaults=false, add_ipc=true,
initialize_globals=true, allow_include_registry=true,
allow_registry_shares=false) at param/loadparm.c:9688
#8  0x080f99bd in lp_load (pszFname=0x89be7e9 "/etc/config/smb.conf",
global_only=false, save_defaults=false, add_ipc=true,
initialize_globals=true) at param/loadparm.c:9811
#9  0x080fd0fd in reload_services (msg_ctx=0x8c1c210, smb_sock=-1,
test=false) at smbd/server_reload.c:177
#10 0x08989f41 in main (argc=3, argv=0xffffda14) at smbd/server.c:1290


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