[urgent] Slow smbd

Burgess, Adam adam.burgess at hp.com
Thu Sep 19 18:06:23 CEST 2013

I don't know much about Samba 4, nor what is your environment setup but perhaps winbind IDMAP caching times for users in large number of AD groups is causing you these long intervals?  I hit that in our Samba 3.6.x environment so had to set long expiry times for cache entries and then I pre-cached of group SID2GID records.

Perhaps you can see if connection is quicker without winbindd running?


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I've posted before about this but didn¡t get any reply. I have installed samba 4.0.9 from sernet's rpms for file serving purposes. After a week in production, it started to get times of aver 1 minute to access the shares or change directory. In expample, if you have to copy several files to a directory, the start of the operation will take over 1 minute after which the rest of the files will be copied at regular speed.
I need help with this as I mentioned, this is a production server and the tests didn't show this problem.

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