Primary GID based access when this GID is NOT part of resolved Windows security token

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Thu Sep 19 14:28:49 CEST 2013

I don't mean to be confrontational.  If I thought I had a bug I would possibly do as you suggest.  Until I know the intended behaviour (ie the design) I cannot distinguish between bug and enhancement, nor where I would start looking as the best place for enhancement code.  Why would submitting suggested code get us any further?

What is "top post"?  Does that mean I should not reply to my own subject, asking again?  If so what should I do, just give up after a few weeks with no reply? These are honest questions and not meant to be confrontational.

My other option is to log a support call via Oracle I guess, and see if they have a procedure for moving such problems forward - perhaps I will try that but it will be a whole lot of effort there too.

Essentially I am contributing here!  I did spend many hours debugging to reach my conclusion and to present the findings.  I am pointing out there is an important and definite problem here.  I am not waiting nor expecting some fixes per se, just some discussion/acknowledgement etc.  If there is no audience then I will stop wasting time looking for replies. 

I am really not sure how this process should work when there are no replies to the subject at all, that is all.


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On Thu, 19 Sep 2013 10:01:00 AM Burgess, Adam wrote:
> Is there really no developer responsible for design or coding for 
> group membership evaluation, and/or the code for determining 
> accessibility to files/directories?
> I believe I have raised an important issue here but it seems it is not 
> being taken seriously.
Please don't top post.

I don't think there is a single developer with such responsibility. If you think you've found a bug: If you've got a patch, post it, or attach it to the bugzilla entry.


[BTW: I'm not a samba developer, but to me: you're coming across pretty confrontational - hence the tone above. You might want to try a more collaborative approach for this kind of project.]

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