Removing a domain controller help needed

christophe larquey.christophe at
Fri Sep 13 09:10:35 CEST 2013


First guys, I'd like congratulate you. Samba 4 is really a cool product.

I have a little problem though.

The context:

I have Samba4 AD DC working perfectly on a virtual machine
for testing purpose I joined another Samba4 AD DC to the domain I had
provisioned and it worked perfectly but my second DC VM was deleted with no
mean to get it back.

I have now a problem on my first DC as the second DC still shows up in the
RSAT console,  NTDSUTIL, DNS and also samba-tool drs showrepl.
it seems to be impossible to delete it completely.

I know if I were on a windows DC I'd simply have gone for forced deletion
then metadata cleanup.
but I don't have a windows DC.

Is there a way I can permanently remove all connection to my disappeared
second DC form the AD just using  the tools provides with samba 4?


Other question:

I use ISC-DHCP-SERVER with SAMBA_Internal DNS.

Is there a way to have it updating records?
>From the DNS console, it seems I can't allow for unsecure updates


Thanks again for this great tool.


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