smb.conf in registry

Matthieu Patou mat at
Sat Sep 14 21:46:39 CEST 2013

Hello All,

I'm trying to play a bit with the registry backend for smb.conf and when 
I try to import a smb.conf that has been generated with

sudo ./bin/samba-tool domain  provision  --realm HOME.MATWS.NET --domain 
MATWS --adminpass=totoTATA123 --targetdir=/home/mat/workspace/samba/hmn3 

I have the following error:

Parameter 'lock directory' not allowed in registry

Why is it so ?

ps: I attached my smb.conf.


Matthieu Patou
Samba Team

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# Global parameters
	workgroup = MATWS
	netbios name = MPATOU-T420
	server role = active directory domain controller
	private dir = /home/mat/workspace/samba/hmn3/private
	lock directory = /home/mat/workspace/samba/hmn3
	state directory = /home/mat/workspace/samba/hmn3/state
	cache directory = /home/mat/workspace/samba/hmn3/cache
	dns forwarder =
	xattr_tdb:file = /home/mat/workspace/samba/hmn3/state/xattr.tdb

	path = /home/mat/workspace/samba/hmn3/state/sysvol/
	read only = No

	path = /home/mat/workspace/samba/hmn3/state/sysvol
	read only = No

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