Windows 7 fails to join Samba 4 AD - about to give up on samba4 as NOT WORKING

Mauro M. mm12 at
Fri Sep 13 11:09:22 CEST 2013

Hello again,

I have received only one suggestion and tried it without success. Please
could anyone help with this issue? I would not want to give up samba4
altogether as my only other next step is to remove it because it does not

I am afraid I do need help with Windows 7 joining a samba4 DC domain.
Every time I try I do get the following error from Windows 7 when
attempting to join:

The following error occurred attempting to join the domain

The specified network name  is no longer available


I have just followed the instructions in the samba4 wiki:

My Operating system is CentOS 6.4 x86_64

I have installed the packages from sernet (link in the wiki) making sure
that no other samba package was present at the same time, then I have
followed all the instructions in the wiki.

on the samba4 server DC:
iptables is disabled
ntpd is running and configured to accept queries from local subnet
resolv.conf points to (tests confirm samba DNS responding)

samba daemons are running as:
/usr/sbin/samba -d 5 -D  (14 instances)
/usr/sbin/smbd --option=server role check:inhibit=yes --foreground (2

The installation passed all the tests as in the wiki but the following: $
host -t A

which failed at which point I have followed the instructions on the DNS
wiki page and I have created the missing entry

After several unsuccesful attempts starting over and over to follow the 
instructions in the wiki I have realized that the reverse DNS zone was not
created automatically. So I have created it manually and added the samba4
DC server PTR record.

However again no joy!

The logs do not show any error. The process to join the domain hangs for a
while after having entered the Administrator's credentials and before
popping the error window above. From the log I see that the Windows 7
machine logs in the Administrator successfully. After several entries it

[2013/09/12 23:00:25.417151,  3]
  Terminating connection - 'kdc_tcp_call_loop:
tstream_read_pdu_blob_recv() - NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_DISCONNECTED'
[2013/09/12 23:00:25.417466,  5]
  imessaging: cleaning up /var/lib/samba/private/smbd.tmp/msg/msg.4316.28
[2013/09/12 23:00:25.417775,  3]
  single_terminate: reason[kdc_tcp_call_loop: tstream_read_pdu_blob_recv()

Which seem to coincide with the time I get the error window above.

Please could you kindly give me some clues?

Thank you in advance,



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