Samba 4 and automount

steve steve at
Thu Sep 12 11:35:34 CEST 2013

On Wed, 2013-09-11 at 18:49 +0100, Rowland Penny wrote:
> Hi, I am struggling trying to get my head around adding automount to 
> Samba 4 AD. I can add the attributes & objectclasses but I am getting 
> lost adding the users etc.
> what's confusing me is, 'defaultMigrationContainer30'. I can find 
> several examples on the net that do not use it, but I can also find 
> several examples that do. For instance on: 
> there 
> is a reply from someone called Ashish saying:
> 'niscnfg.exe creates the defaultMigrationContainer30 and ypServ30 
> containers where all the NIS map definitions for standard maps are 
> stored. When you add non-standard maps (that is not not-supported) – 
> they are also added under ypServ30 container. Wihout this information 
> the NIS Server will not function.'
> niscnfg.exe is a windows tool.
> So the question is, do I need to add CN=defaultMigrationContainer30 or not?
> Rowland

Hi Rowland, hi everyone
Same here. I've got the stuff into the schema according to:
Do I also need the sfu schema too? I think not since the wiki doesn't
mention it either:
(Which does not work, but I can at least see where it's heading)
I think this is because sfu was for the older 2003 schema whereas Samba
uses 2008. The thing is that neither article refer to nis maps nor sfu.

What I'm stuck on (I think you too) is how to get the maps into AD armed
with only 2 objectClasses:

and one attribute:

e.g. how do I go from an auto.master like this:
/home/users /etc/auto.users
to AD-LDAP syntax?


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