Kerberos printing using smbspool backend

Marcus Moeller marcus.moeller at
Fri Sep 6 10:36:30 CEST 2013

Dear Jeremy.

>> I am trying to set up Kerberos printing using the cups smbspool backend.
>> The user from which the print job is released is logged in via
>> Kerberos and got a valid ticket.
>> I have not found a lot of information about how to configure cups in
>> order to use Kerberos printing, but by default it prompts for a
>> password.
>> I found some notes that to enable Kerberos ?k should be added to the
>> device uri but no official information about that.
>> Other sources state that AuthInfoRequired negotiate needs to be set,
>> but none of that helped, either.
>> Could one of you please point out which steps are required in order
>> to print through smbspool using Kerberos?
> As I recall it's fiddly and distro dependent. The user has
> to have a ticket in their kerberos cache and the cups driver
> has to have setuid'ed to the correct user before invoking
> smbspool -k.

Hmm, there has at least been a patch submitted bach in 2005 which should 
handle the setuid to the user process:

> I think SuSE do this right out of the box, not sure about
> Ubuntu or Fedora.

On Red Hat/Fedora, the backend simply links to smbspool. (open)SUSE 
provides a helper which is part of samba-krb-printing. I have tried it 
out on openSUSE 12.3 but it does not work.

The problem has been mentioned in different areas, e.g.:

But as cups has nearly closed public resources like the bugtracker, it's 
really hard to find out more.


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