Need information related to SMB session setup Andx.

Tayade, Nilesh Nilesh.Tayade at
Fri Sep 6 08:09:31 CEST 2013


I understood that over the TCP session we have user specific logon session.
So once the TCP socket is opened - SMB packets are exchanged and Session-setup Andx request/response will establish the User session.

I have a query related to setting up the session. Once the user is authenticated and Tree connect is also done successfully - why there is it required to re-establish the user session?
I captured some of the SMB session packets and I am seeing session-setup andx request/response, some SMB packets are exchanged and then again session-setup andx request/response on the same TCP socket.
So why is it required to re-authenticate the user after some interval? Is this server specific functionality to ask user authentication over some time intervals?


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