LDB: schema syntax comparison

Simo simo at samba.org
Thu Sep 5 17:39:03 CEST 2013

On Thu, 2013-09-05 at 16:03 +0200, Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer wrote:
> Hi Simo & others,
> I do not remember the exact problem, but I think it would be very 
> tedious to enforce 100%-correct schema validation for index entries as well.
> And then: does comparison strictly require preliminar validation? My 
> opinion in this case is no, since if something is comparable let us just 
> do the comparison. But okay, this is a little philosophical.

If index DNs are validated and canonicalized before being written, then
I guess it really doesn't make much sense re-validating on read given
the performance penalties. Do we have the guarantee they are properly
vetted before being written ?
I ask because the comment in the bug seem to implay we have 'bad'
provision creating some bad index, and that is certainly not acceptable


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