[Wireshark-dev] Wireshark PIDL generated dissectors

Matthieu Patou mat at matws.net
Sat Oct 26 00:57:27 MDT 2013

On 10/21/2013 12:48 PM, mmann78 at netscape.net wrote:
> Checked most of the patches into r52744 (http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/viewvc?view=revision&revision=52744)
> Didn't integrate
> 0010-frsrpc-Regenerate-frsrpc-due-to-changes-in-the-pidl-.patch
> 0016-Regenerate-the-dnserver.patch
> due to compile errors on Windows from applying the patch in bug 9301 (https://bugs.wireshark.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=9301).
> See r52735 (http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/viewvc?view=revision&revision=52735) for how it was fixed.  Not sure if the PIDL compiler has to be changed for this one.
Hum I did the patch before the other fixes, I'll have a look a 
regenerate the remaining.
I'm on a huge rework still of the dissectors to get more things done, 
for the moment in my working branch I'm able to regenerate every 
pidl-based dissectors. I'm still relying on a few patches to be done in 
wireshark but the major changes are in pidl (~40 patches).

I'll keep you informed.

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> To: Joerg Mayer <jmayer at loplof.de>
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> Subject: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Wireshark PIDL generated dissectors
> Hi Joerg
> On 10/07/2013 10:16 PM, Joerg Mayer wrote:
>> On Mon, Oct 07, 2013 at 09:30:58PM -0700, Matthieu Patou wrote:
>>> That being said I did a bit of homework yesterday to fix the
>>> situation I have a branch fix_pidl in my gitorious repository that I
>>> maintain for wireshark:
>>> https://gitorious.org/wireshark/wireshark/commits/fix_pidl
>>> With this branch and the latest version of the pidl in samba tree
>>> (that incorporate the change for Michael Mann) I'm able to
>>> regenerate and rebuild most of the dissectors.
>>> You might want to have a look at commit 27f5746 (https://gitorious.org/wireshark/wireshark/commit/27f5746163410acbf638cdce320fb1b8295fa682)
>>> that update the guide to explain and make it easy to generate the
>>> dissectors especially it explains how to avoid checking out the
>>> whole samba source tree but still get the latest version of Samba's
>>> pidl (minus the time it takes to update our rsync servers).
>>> Are you interested to fetch those fixes ?
>> If nobody looks at it until the weekend I will do that (or unless I
>> shift some of my sleeping time into this).
> Did you slept well last 2 weeks ?
> If so can you think at integrating those patches:
> 0001-Update-the-README-file-for-pidl-usage-in-wireshark.patch
> 0002-Add-regenerated-atsvc-dissector.patch
> 0003-Fix-implicit-convertion-errors.patch
> 0004-Update-the-idl-for-dssetup.patch
> 0005-Update-the-generated-file-for-dssetup.patch
> 0006-Update-generated-file-for-efs.patch
> 0007-Update-the-idl-and-cnf-for-initshutdown.patch
> 0008-Add-regenerated-files-for-initshutdown.patch
> 0009-Add-regenerated-eventlog-files.patch
> 0010-frsrpc-Regenerate-frsrpc-due-to-changes-in-the-pidl-.patch
> 0011-Update-cnf-and-idl-for-misc-interface.patch
> 0012-Add-packet-dcerpc-misc.c-to-the-list-of-build-files.patch
> 0013-Generate-misc.idl-related-files.patch
> 0014-Update-the-idl-and-cnf-for-winreg.patch
> 0015-Update-generated-code-for-winreg.patch
> 0016-Regenerate-the-dnserver.patch
> 0017-Update-the-cnf-for-lsa-to-remove-some-warnings.patch
> 0018-Regenerate-the-lsa-files.patch
> 0019-Regenerate-wzcsvc.patch
> 0020-Update-samr.cnf-to-remove-warnings-about-void-conver.patch
> 0021-Regenerate-samr-files.patch
> Thanks.
> Matthieu.

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