No access check verification on stream files.

Hemanth Thummala hemanth.thummala at
Fri Oct 25 05:18:54 MDT 2013

Hi All,

Looks like there are no ACL checks against stream files while performing
generic file operations like read and write.

For example:
we have created a stream file on remote CIFS share using domain
administrator as follows.

C:\>echo "NON-Default stream file" > z:\non-def-stream

C:\>more < z:\non-def-stream.txt:stream1
"NON-Default stream file"

After that we have added explicit deny write ACE for a specific domain

But that user was still be able to access and write the data to this stream
file thought he has an explicit deny permission.

Whereas this issue is not seen with $DATA streams.

>From the code, I could see whenever  create request comes for stream file,
we trying to open the base file with access mask as zero..

/* Open the base file. */
                status = create_file_unixpath(conn, NULL,
smb_fname_base, 0, ===> Access mask is zero.
                                              | FILE_SHARE_WRITE
                                              | FILE_SHARE_DELETE,
                                              0, 0, 0, 0, 0, NULL, NULL,
                                              &base_fsp, NULL);

And of course lot other parameters were sent as zero. FSP coming out
of this getting assigned to fsp->base_fsp.

In open_acl_common(), if fsp->base_fsp is non null then we are
skipping the ACL check claiming we already did on base file. But while
doing on base file, we used access mask as zero and it is not
evaluated for original access request from client. Here is the code
snippet in open_acl_common() which does this..

 if (fsp->base_fsp) {
                /* Stream open. Base filename open already did the ACL check. */
                DEBUG(10,("open_acl_common: stream open on %s\n",
                        fsp_str_dbg(fsp) ));
                return SMB_VFS_NEXT_OPEN(handle, smb_fname, fsp, flags, mode);

In my case, problem is not see after using the original access mask in
create_file_unixpath() for base file.

Here is the simple change that worked for me.

bash-4.0$ diff -up samba-3.6.12/source3/smbd/open.c.orig
--- samba-3.6.12/source3/smbd/open.c.orig       2013-10-25
03:49:03.651630453 -0700
+++ samba-3.6.12/source3/smbd/open.c    2013-10-25 03:48:46.243898186 -0700
@@ -3262,7 +3262,7 @@ static NTSTATUS create_file_unixpath(con

                /* Open the base file. */
-               status = create_file_unixpath(conn, NULL, smb_fname_base, 0,
+               status = create_file_unixpath(conn, NULL,
smb_fname_base, access_mask,
                                              | FILE_SHARE_WRITE
                                              | FILE_SHARE_DELETE,

Please let me know if this is the correct thing to do.


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