Problem Building Samba 4.1.0 with CTDB 2.4 on AIX with IBM XL C 11

Michael Adam obnox at
Tue Oct 22 16:57:06 MDT 2013


On 2013-10-22 at 14:53 -0500, John P Janosik wrote:
> I get the following error when running configure:
> Cluster support not available: ctdb_private.h is required for cluster 
> support
> /usr/src/samba-4.1.0/source3/wscript:1668: error: Cluster support not 
> found, but --with-cluster-support was specified
> config.log says:
> [1/2] Compiling test.c
> "/usr/smb_cluster/include/ctdb_client.h", line 484.33: 1506-046 (S) Syntax 
> error.
> ['cc', '-I/usr/afsws/include', '-I', '/usr/smb_cluster/include', 
> '-I/usr/src/samba-4.1.0/source3', '-I/usr/src/samba-4.1.0/lib/talloc', 
> '-I/usr/src/samba-4.1.0/lib/tdb/include', '-I/usr/src/samba-4.1.0/lib', 
> '-I/usr/src/samba-4.1.0/lib/replace', '-I/usr/src/samba-4.1.0/include', 
> '-I/usr/src/samba-4.1.0/source4/include', 
> '-I/usr/src/samba-4.1.0/source4/lib', '-I/usr/src/samba-4.1.0/source4', 
> '-I/usr/src/samba-4.1.0/include/public', '-I/usr/local/include', 
> '-D_GNU_SOURCE=1', '-D_XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED=1', '../test.c', '-c', '-o', 
> 'default/test_1.o']
> command returned 'Build failed:  -> task failed (err #1): \n\t{task: cc 
> test.c -> test_1.o}'not found
> The problem seems to be the C++ style comments in ctdb_client.h:
> struct ctdb_control_tcp {
>         struct sockaddr_in src; // samba uses this
>         struct sockaddr_in dest;// samba uses this
> };
> Is there some setting I should be doing for configure so that the comments 
> are allowed, or should I open a bug against the CTDB header file?

I am not certain about settings, but I just pushed a change
to master which replaces these C++ comments by proper C-style comments.

There are more C++ style comments around, but these were at least
the only ones in headers.

I don't think you should open a bug, since this will be contained
in the next release from master anyways.

Cheers - Michael

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