Cross-compiling with 4.1 ?

Kai Blin kai at
Sun Oct 20 01:21:15 MDT 2013

On 19/10/13 20:49, Sander Stoks wrote:

Hi Sander,

> I have a setup using ptxdist, maybe there's some way we can work
> together?  My setup is part of a rather large build (the entire
> distro we're making for our embedded system is built with it) so
> probably overkill in this case, but if there are specific things I
> can do to test things out, I'd love to help.

The really annoying part is getting a cross-compile environment set up, 
and that's where I'm currently failing. Might be a bit until I get to a 
point where I can reliably build a hello world C file for one of my 
embedded platforms.


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