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Thu Oct 10 21:11:37 MDT 2013


It seems we both have work items around instanceType support, and I
figured it would be worth noting down what needs to be done:

 - We need tests to show that you can't just set any value on
 - We need tests for the creation of new naming contexts
 - We need the changes I've made to acl.c (attached) and we need tests
 - We need to move the instancetype module up the stack.  It needs to
have code like the new_partition module, but up the stack at a point
above acl, that does all the new-partition things. 

See MS-ATDS NC-Add Operation for the full details of what is

I need this because the subdomain join code needs this, and you had LDAP
tests failing on this as well.  Between us I think we can probably get
this in order.  (I'm trying to get enough of the subdomain support
working that we can run a simple test in our selftest code to stop it
breaking again, even if we don't fully support it yet). 


Andrew Bartlett
Andrew Bartlett
Authentication Developer, Samba Team 
Samba Developer, Catalyst IT         

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