reducing the dependecies to ctdb headers

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Tue Oct 8 08:14:30 MDT 2013


I've created some patches which reduce the usage of
ctdb headers and the related defines to the ctdb related .c files.

All files related to a specific ctdb version are bundled into
a, which is replaceable at runtime.

Packagers could do something like.

./configure --with-ctdb-dir=$(pwd)/ctdb- --enable-old-ctdb
make -j
make -j install
./configure --with-ctdb-dir=$(pwd)/ctdb-2.0 --enable-old-ctdb
make -j
make -j install

This will only rebuild the .c files from samba3-ctdb-client
and allows alternative packages for
depending on the installed ctdb version.

I haven't done any runtime tests, so please don't push it yet.

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