Does CTDB work over WAN networks...?

Hafeez Bana hafeez.bana at
Mon Oct 7 02:13:42 MDT 2013

Hi Everyone,

We're planning to set up a gluster network with nufa across office branches
exposed by samba. This should theoretically give one consistent view of the
file system across the world but via nufa provide fast local access speeds.

A couple of  questions:

1) Do we need CTDB? Does placing the tdb database on the gluster system and
using vfs_Fileid obviate the need to have a CTDB?
2) If CTDB is needed then does CTDB work over a WAN network? I realize CTDB
was designed for scaling and transparent failover - not quite sure it was
designed as WAN solution
3) If it works in a WAN setting - from reading the docs, I couldn't find a
reference to how it works in an ADS setting? Given each 'node' will have
the same netbios name and share the tdb - does only one node have to be
registered with ADS?

For anyone that's been down this road before. Your advice and insight would
be appreciated ('Don't go there' is most welcome too :))


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