samba4 shared folder path

oscar wu uuuoscar at
Wed Oct 2 02:37:55 MDT 2013

I create a shared folder in my samba4 ADDC.

path = /share/test1
invalid users =
read list =
write list = @"UUU\Domain Users",@"UUU\Domain Admins"
valid users = @"UUU\Domain Users",@"UUU\Domain Admins"
browsable = yes
inherit permissions = Yes
inherit owner = Yes
inherit acls = Yes
recycle bin = no

realm =
netbios name = TESETDC1

When I logoin UUU\administrator in win7 , I can access sysvol and netlogon
folder by "\\\sysvol" and "\\\netlogon".

When I access test1  by "\\\test1", there is a permission error, I
can not access test1 right but i can access test1 by "\\

Is there any setting for accessing \\$realm\$folder ?

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