NTLM - Samba4 x Squid 3

Aecio Alves aeciomeneses at gmail.com
Tue Oct 1 14:13:12 MDT 2013

Em 10/1/13 5:04 PM, Rowland Penny escreveu:
> On 01/10/13 20:12, Aecio Alves wrote:
>> Good afternoon!
>> Is there an alternative integrated authentication squid with Samba4, 
>> and NTLM?
>> I need to do that authentication is integrated with Windows 
>> authentication, when the user makes a log on the domain.
>> Squid supports this kind of integration with Samba4?
>> I've done it with version 3 of the Samba.
>> What information do you need to help me?
>> Can anyone help me?
>> Thank you.
>> Aécio
> Hi, try doing a websearch on squid and active directory
> Rowland
Thanks for the quick response.

I've been a long time looking for ways to do this, but I'm finding it 
very difficult.

I have done several attempts and I can not navigate through Squid 
logging into Samba4.

I'm trying with the NTLM method, but not authentication.

The directory / usr / local / samba / var / lib / winbindd_privileged / 
already has the appropriate permissions.

Using simple authentication Squid works perfectly and I have no problems 
with the provisioning domain. Could you give me a clue to start 
identifying the problem?

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