Possible NULL-pointer dereference in lib/util/charset/pull_push.c

Torsten Kurbad samba-technical at tk-webart.de
Mon Nov 25 08:23:14 MST 2013


I just wanted to check back on that matter, because I have a very bad
feeling about having to apply a self-made patch (that, most probably,
breaks several things, while 'repairing' my problem) to every new
version of Samba 4.x.

Meanwhile, I'm running 4.1.2 and the problem persists.

Maybe, for a first check, someone could try out the script that is
failing for me. I uploaded it to http://pastebin.com/r9jjfGiS

For a quick test, try the following: Download the script, set the
'configuration values' (line 1937 ff.) according to your provision. Run
the script. You should get prettyprinted LDAP attributes of the
domain administrator account as a result.
Now, set the password to be a wrong one, run the script and end up in a

The script is a bit blown, but it's inner workings should be obvious
to the experienced Python programmer. ;-)

Thanks for the effort!

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