[PATCH] Re: patch to add "winbind domain before username" parameter, and bugfix for handing of template homedir

rick at microway.com rick at microway.com
Wed Nov 20 18:55:35 MST 2013

Can this patch please be accepted?


> Hi All,
> Using samba4, I have now had a problem where the usernames pulled from
> winbind all had the domain name prepended to them.  I found a bug report
> from a couple years ago of someone complaining of the opposite, and the
> code was changed at that time to prepend "DOMAIN\user" instead of just
> "user".
> I have made a patch now to add the smb.conf global parameter:
> "winbind domain before username".  I have it defaulting to true to
> preserve
> the current behavior, but if you set it to false/no you will get just the
> regular username from both wb_cmd_getpwnam.c and wb_cmd_getpwuid.c
> Also, I have found a bug in the "template homedir" parameter. The manpage
> and docs I've read all refer to using %D to represent the domain, and %U
> to represent the username. However, the code was actually using
> %WORKGROUP% and %ACCOUNTNAME%.  I left the handling for those 2, but added
> in the %D and %U as referenced elsewhere.
> This patch handles both the new feature and the bugfix.
> Thanks,
> Rick Warner

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