Successful installation

petro at petro at
Wed Nov 20 16:33:11 MST 2013


Obeying the chapter "Report Your Success/Failure!" from Samba HOWTO
AD DC , I'm reporting my success.

I apologize for my bad english, but
I'm asking for help to Google Translate.

I installed about six times
the Samba4 on a PC with Debian GNU/Linux, for testing purposes, and the
last to production.

I tested the version (and the repositories) of
"Enterprise" version, performing the installation via apt-get. Also
tried to put each file in its place (configs in etc, p.e.), but in the
end, resolve to leave as default, because the ease and perfect
documentation. Then CONGRATULATIONS to those who did this

Already tested the routine administration via Windows 7,
added computers to the domain and setup a virtual machine with Ubuntu to
login via AD domain with Samba 4. Everything worked perfectly.
Infinitely simpler than the double Samba3+LDAP.

The only problem so
far, is against the samba_backup, that does not automatically run at
cron. I added the following line in /etc/crontab, and inside the folder
/etc/cron.iei I had put the file samba_backup. Simply, nothing happens.
In syslog appears that the cron command was executed, but the backups
are not there. I'm testing alternatives yet.

00 3 *** root test-
x/usr/sbin/anacron | | ( cd/&& run-parts - report/etc/cron.iei )

all, great job. Congratulations to everyone who contributed. Hope to
cooperate soon. 


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