[Release Planning 3.6] Samba 3.6.21 on November 29?

Karolin Seeger kseeger at samba.org
Wed Nov 20 01:22:24 MST 2013


as the last maintenance release of the Samba 3.6 release series was
delayed, we need to set a new release date for Samba 3.6.21.
If there are no objections, I would like to propose Friday, November 29.
That would mean, that the release branches will be frozen on Friday,
November 22. So this will be the last chance to get bug fixes into 3.6!

Please note that this will be the last maintenance release of the 3.6
series, because officially, it's already in the security fixes only mode.
Please see https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba_Release_Planning for

has been updated accordingly.


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