adapt pam_winbin.c to deal with later iniparser versions

Noel Power nopower at
Tue Nov 19 10:56:39 MST 2013

Hi Andreas,
On 19/11/13 15:23, Andreas Schneider wrote:
> On Friday 15 November 2013 17:14:40 Noel Power wrote:
>> Hi Andreas,
>> On 14/11/13 08:49, Andreas Schneider wrote:
>>> On Thursday 07 November 2013 10:34:26 Noel Power wrote:
>>>> I came across another strange pam related issue with the
>>>> require_membership_of specified flag in pam_winbind.conf with
>>>> opensuse-12.3 ( and possibly earlier versions ) if you have a blank (
>>>> e.g. empty ) value like
>>>>     require_membership_of specified=
>>>> then pam will refuse to authenticate any user
>>>> The problem stems from the fact that we use a different ( later )
>>>> version of iniparser (3.1.5) where the behaviour of iniparser when
>>>> dealing with blank or non-existing key values is different. This patch
>>>> works around the problem ( and although strictly not necessary for
>>>> upstream currently ) and will future proof the code against the eventual
>>>> upgrade of iniparser. Please review
>>> Hi Noel,
>>> thanks for your contribution, but the patch is not sufficient. We have an
>>> "in- tree" copy of iniparser which needs to be updated.
>> Sure I know there is an in-tree copy of inparser
> Ah ok, I wonder if it makes sense to update that version.
probably does, not sure how to do that though ( if I get a chance I
would look into it ) But, even with an updated in-tree version because
building with system iniparser is supported the opposite could also
happen ( e.g. system iniparser is older than in-tree parse ) so updating
or not is somewhat orthogonal to this patch
> I just wanted to make sure it still works if you build with the internal 
> iniparser. Maybe it makes sense to bring the internal iniparser to a newer 
> version.
sure, I suppose I didn't make that clear enough in the initial mail :-)
> 	-- andreas

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