How to get Service_key and the corresponding function call interface from the Samba source TGS_REP part

杨昌玉 ycy360 at
Fri Nov 15 05:48:33 MST 2013

Dear Everybody:
    My specific question and background  in detail are described below:

  1, My existing configuration environment are as follows:
      (1), Server_side, Redhat5.5 Enterprise with samba4.0.0 installed, Ip Address:; domain name: EXAMPLE.COM;
      (2), Client_side: windows Server 2003, Ip address:, host name: SMB1;
     I've followed configuration is successful, that is the server-side is  configurated as AD DC.
   Now I can achieved that the client(SMB1) join to the domain EXAMPLE.COM. In the  process of SMB1 joining the EXAMPLE.COM, the kerberos authentication is occuring, At the same time, I captured AS_REQ, AS_REP, TGS_REQ and TGS_REP packets through Wireshark tool.
    2, My goal is find the corresponding function call interface of  Sevice_key in the source Samba from the Redhat5.5 server-side. From reading the kerberos related documentation, I learned that the Service_key is  exists in TGS_REP request packet, which used for access the server_side in the KRB_AP_REQ. 

    3、My Current Progress is that I have been found the call stacks of AS_REQ and TGS_REQ through single step debugging of gdb tool and setting the gdb level with 10.
    The call stacks are as follows:
     AS_REP call stack is:

       TGS_REP call stack is:
  #0 ../source4/heimdal/kdc/krb5tgs.c:2355
  #5 ../lib/tevent/tevent_req.c:101
     Even so, the code is huge and very hard to learn because it related with encryption. My goal has not yet reached

      4, My urgent problems can be described: The related functions of AS_REQ, AS_REP, TGS_REQ,and TGS_REP packets are more difficult to understand, can you give a detailed explanation?
      Firstly, What are the corresponding function interface with AS_REQ, AS_REP, TGS_REQ,and TGS_REP?  In particular, the relevant parts with Service_key of TGS_REP? 
     Secondly, The call logical relationship of above packets?
    Thirdly, Specifically, as I am not very clear several functions
     1)/source4/heimdal/kdc/kerberos5.c:956 _kdc_as_rep();
     2) /source4/heimdal/kdc/krb5tgs.c:2288 _kdc_tgs_rep();
     3) /source4/heimdal/kdc/process.c:64 decode_AS_REQ() has no definition.

    Please provide some materials such as links to me if possible. Any help would be appreciated sincerely.
    Best wishes. 

                                                                                                                                     Yours sincerely, 
                                                                                                                                      Changyu Yang
                                                                                                                                Dalian University Of China

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