Samba4 internal DNS zonecreate question.

hyoscar wu hywuoscar at
Thu Nov 14 20:35:28 MST 2013

Hi list,

  I am using samba4 ADDC with samba4 internal DNS and I have some
zonecreate questions.

  After my samba4 ADDC start, I add a new dns record in original domain.

  samba-tool dns add mydomain.mytest  abc

   `ping abc.mydomain.mytest`

  I can get response , so internal DNS works.

  Next step,
   samba-tool dns zonecreate
   samba-tool dns add abc


  I can not get response...

   I restart samba4 ADDC , ping again then I can get respone.

  My question is:
  1. After zonecreate, I must restart my samba4 addc ?
  2. If yes, can I just restart internal DNS but all samba processes?
  3. In multiple DC domain, DC can notify other DCs (especially RODC) "I
stop/start/restart/shutdown" ?

  About question 2 and question 3, when there is another samba4 RODC join
in this domain, RODC error  after DC restarting.
         1. DC1 create domain mydomain.mytest
         2. RODC join mydomain.mytest
         3. zonecreate/record adding  in DC1
         4. restart DC1
         5. RODC can not get correct user data(getent passwd or wbinfo -u
in RODC, why??)
         6. RODC restart , RODC can get correct user data.


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