CTDB branch 2.5 created

Michael Adam obnox at samba.org
Thu Nov 14 03:55:44 MST 2013

Hi Amitay and list,

in order to be able to ship stabilizing releases of what was the
last state of ctdb's master branch, i.e. ctdb 2.5 + a couple of
patches, I have created a ctdb 2.5 branch. For a start, Amitay
and I can push to that branch, and only tags of the form
ctdb-2.5.X are allowed (with X an integer).

Note also the restrictions already implemented yesterday:
In order the support the other two active branches 1.2.40
(to which Amitay can push) and 1.0.114 (to which I can push),
additionally only tags of the form ctdb-1.2.Y and ctdb-1.0.114.Z
are allowed (again with Y and Z integers).

Cheers - Michael

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