More Problems Building Samba 4.1.0 on AIX 6.1 with IBM XL/C 11.1

John P Janosik jpjanosi at
Tue Nov 12 10:31:38 MST 2013

Hello.  Does anyone have hints or doc pointers for configuring AIX XL/C 
11.1 to build Samba 4.1.0.  I'm getting the following kinds of failures:

[2980/3694] Compiling source3/utils/net_groupmap.c
sem_trywait: Permission denied
sem_post: Permission denied
sem_destroy: Permission denied
"../source3/utils/net_rpc_samsync.c", line 165.18: 1506-280 (W) Function 
argument assignment between types "const char*" and "int" is not allowed.
"../source3/utils/net_rpc.c", line 3983.43: 1506-226 (S) The ":" operator 
is not allowed between "int" and "char[1]".
Waf: Leaving directory `/usr/src/samba-4.1.0/bin'
Build failed:
 -> task failed (err #1): 
        {task: cc net_rpc.c -> net_rpc_124.o}
 -> task failed (err #1): 
        {task: cc net_cache.c -> net_cache_124.o}

The failing code for this example is:

                printf(_("    [%s] files and directories %s ACLs, %s DOS "
                         "Attributes %s\n"),
                        c->opt_acls ? _("including") : _("without"),
                        c->opt_attrs ? _("including") : _("without"),
                        c->opt_timestamps ? _("(preserving timestamps)") : 

I can get around the build failures by either casting the output of _() to 
char* in the ternary condition, or else putting "" inside _() there.  I 
think others are building on AIX with XL/C so I must be missing something 
in my configuration to get the compiler to allow this.


John Janosik
jpjanosi at

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