How dose "name resolve order" work?

hyoscar wu hywuoscar at
Mon Nov 4 21:08:53 MST 2013

Hi list,

  I try to set samba as a wins server in my private network. This is my

workgroup = WORKGROUP
security = user
netbios name = test-ubuntu
guest account = nobody
server role = STANDALONE
wins support = yes
name resolve order = wins host

path = /share
read only = no
  My enviroment:

   PC1: test-ubuntu   (samba server and wins)
   PC2: test-pcx86  (win7 set wins to
   PC3: test-pc3

  Start smbd and nmbd in PC1 and restart network interface in PC2.

  Run `nmblookup -R -U test-pcx86` in PC3

  nmblookup -R -U test-pcx86
  querying test-pcx86 on test-pcx86<00>

  Stop smbd nmbd and change "name resolve order = wins host" to "name
resolve order = host wins".

  vim /etc/hosts:    test-pcx86           localhost           test-ubuntu    non-exist-pc

  Restart smbd and nmbd.

  Run   `nmblookup -R -U non-exist-pc` in PC3

  querying non-exist-pc on non-exist-pc<00>

  Run `nmblookup -R -U test-pcx86` in PC3

  querying test-pcx86 on test-pcx86<00>

   My question is why nmblookup still get but ?

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