Samba4 internal DNS against isc-dhcp-server

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Thu Jun 27 03:50:37 MDT 2013


I successfully set up a samba 4 domain in a VM. I also successfully joined
this domain with a Win7-VM. All was running and fine.

The next step was to add DHCP to the samba VM. To achieve this, I changed
the network of both VMs from bridged to hostonly to not have a second
DHCP-Server in our Network. So both VMs got new IPs.

With some problems, I finally managed to get the isc-dhcp-schema to the
Samba LDAP and created an entry for the Win7-VM to get an IP from the

This throwed some problems and errors with "there is another machine in the
network with the same IP", what was simply impossibile, because there only
was the host, the samba and the Win7.

I found out, that the problem resides on the old DNS entry in Samba4 from
joining the Win7-VM to the domain.

So I deleted this old entry with samba-tool and added a new, correct one.

After that, a IP relese/renew under Windows throwed no error and I thought
to be nearly done and had a look to backup/restore.

Before testing this, I made an export of the samba4-VM, then tried the
backup-script, delievered with samba4, made some small customation and
tested backup and restore.

After that, I had the same problems with the Win7-VM getting an IP-Lease as
before. It says there is another machine with the same IP, fiddles around a
minute or two and then gets its IP.

Having a look into Samba, there is no DNS entry for the Win7-VM anymore. So
i added it manually again.

This entry lasts, till the Win7-VM releases its IP and is reproduceable:

I set the DNS entry with
samba-tool dns add <my_samba_host> <my_samba_zone> WIN7-64-LEER A  -U Administrator
Check, that there is an entry with samba-tool dns query and see an entry.
Then go to the Win7, make an ipconfig /release
Recheck DNS entry, and it's gone.

So I had first thought, there was a problem with the backup and looked into
the saved VM, but there was also no DNS entry for the WIn7-VM anymore, so I
think it was lost with the shutdown.

So how to get a persistent DNS entry for that Windows again? Other Entries
have no problems and are persistent, so if I add a new entry called dnstest
with the IP of the Win7-VM, this is no problem and works all the time.

A Rejoin of the Domain (first leave, reboot, rejoin, reboot) changed
nothing. I had to add DNS manually and lose it with an IP-Release from the

Some informations about my environment:
Samba4 is installed from stable tarball on a Debian Wheezy, Version
All other Software on that VM is from Debian Packages.


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