[Release Planning 4.1] Freezing v4-1-test on Thursday, July 4

Karolin Seeger kseeger at samba.org
Thu Jun 27 02:38:06 MDT 2013

Hi list,

this is a reminder that Samba 4.1.0rc1 is scheduled for Thursday, July 11
2013. That means, the v4-1-test branch will be synced with the master
branch on Thursday, July 4 and closed after that. Only bug fixes with
corresponding bug reports will be picked for the release branches after
this date.

There is a meta bug report containing all blocker bugs for 4.1.0:


Please have a look at this list and add/remove bugs if it makes sense.
It will certainly be a lot of hard work to get all of these fixed until
the final release.



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