What package do I need to install on Debian to get /usr/include/sys/acl.h?

Richard Sharpe realrichardsharpe at gmail.com
Wed Jun 26 01:01:45 MDT 2013

On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 9:31 PM, SATOH Fumiyasu <fumiyas at osstech.jp> wrote:
> At Tue, 25 Jun 2013 21:18:02 -0700,
> Richard Sharpe wrote:
>> I am trying to get Samba to build properly on a Debian system, but it
>> does not want to find POSIX_ACL support, and that seems to be because
>> /usr/include/sys/acl.h is missing.
>> What package do I need to get that file?
> $ sudo apt-get install apt-file
> ...
> $ apt-file update
> ...
> $ apt-file search /usr/include/sys/acl.h
> libacl1-dev: /usr/include/sys/acl.h
> $ apt-file list libacl1-dev
> ...
> $ sudo apt-get install libacl1-dev
> ...

Thank you all for your help.

Unfortunately, apt-file update does not work for me, possibly because
of the way I installed Debian. I always get:

root at tandberg-1:/home/rsharpe/samba/SaMSol-samba/source3# apt-file update
Put CDROM labeled
in the cdrom device and press [ENTER]

mount: block device /dev/sr0 is write-protected, mounting read-only
mount: /dev/sr0 already mounted or /media/cdrom0 busy
mount: according to mtab, /dev/sr0 is already mounted on /media/cdrom0
cp: cannot stat `/media/cdrom/dists/wheezy/contrib/Contents-amd64.gz':
No such file or directory
Put CDROM labeled
in the cdrom device and press [ENTER]

And it keeps going like that despite having the DVD image in the
device. The file Contents-amd64.gz just does not exist on the DVD

Richard Sharpe

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