TLS: Differences between testparm output, manpage and how Samba is acting

Marc Muehlfeld samba at
Sun Jun 23 10:41:20 MDT 2013

Hello Andrew,

Am 23.06.2013 13:48, schrieb Andrew Bartlett:
> So, as Ricky has explained, and I can confirm, the issue comes from the
> two different parts of the codebase.  We try to pretend we only have one
> smb.conf, but we still have two complete, distinct parsers.  The
> defaults in the two don't match.
> Patches to make the defaults match (lib/param - samba-tool testparm vs
> source3/param - testparm) and tests to show that they keep matching
> would be very much appriciated, because bugs like this are silly and
> confusing.

Is the default for the classic NT4 style server then different than for 
the ADC? If this would be true, then would it be an option, to disable 
the usage of testparm, etc. when the role is DC? Something like

if [ $ROLE == "DC" ] ; then
      echo "Role is DC. Please use samba-tool."
      exit 1

Maybe it's a naive thought. So don't laugh. :-)

Or are the defaults for classic and AD the same?

But to deduce from your answer: Then the manpage is showing wrong 
defaults and testparm shows wrong defaults. Right?


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