samba 3.6.3 exporting aufs

Jeremy Allison jra at
Mon Jun 17 13:34:07 MDT 2013

On Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 03:14:28PM +0200, Christian Huldt wrote:
> I thought I could provide a smooth transition from traditional hard
> drives to ssd by layering the ssd on top of the existing file
> structure with aufs [1].
> Unfortunately folders with content not completely copied up to the
> ssd can not be renamed through samba. Renaming (mv) on the server
> works flawlessly, and afterwards that folder is copied up to the ssd
> and renaming works from windows, but before that, windows7 returns
> "invalid device" and smbclient says "access denied". To do an rename
> from windows requires copying the folder to the client, deleting it
> from the server and copying it back, then it works, as the folder is
> now on the ssd.
> Could anyone please help me to gain some insight into this? I know
> that samba strives to copy windows behaviour, but AFAIK there is
> nothing like aufs for windows...

Get a debug level 10 log of smbd running on top of aufs and failing,
vs the same log of smbd running without aufs doing the same client
operation and succeeding. Log a bug with and upload
both logs.

This will tell us what aufs is doing wrong in terms of being a POSIX
filesystem. We can use that to feed back to the aufs developers to
what they need to fix.


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