Samba and logoff event

Jean-Jacques Moulis jj at
Sun Jun 16 16:12:47 MDT 2013

>  > You could use a logoff script to create a semaphore file on the server.
> This seems to be a good idea.
> Where should I create this semaphore? I'm just asking if there would be
> some security purposes lead to special places. I was thinking of the profile
> directory. On the other hand that would be more complicated to control this
> from the server side.

Anywhere you want, a place where users have write privileges

>  > You will need to use a local GPO as you probably don't use AD.
>  > Use Gpedit.msc to create a user logoff script on the client.
>  > The installation of Startup, Shutdown, Logon, Logoff scripts on clients can
> be automated without AD and GPO's  > I'm using an ISS package of my own
> for the purpose
> I'm a little bit confused. I'm not an administrator. I'm just doing this stuff
> pretty privat. I figured out what GPO and AD means. But google keeps telling
> me the international space station by searching for "ISS".
> So I'd appreciate if you could tell me what ISS means. I'll get/read the rest by
> myself.

ISS  Inno Setup Script.
I can make the package available if you are interested.

> And by the way: Am I really the the only one (feeled), who is asking for such
> an event? After logoff the Windows clients save all it's profile data back to
> the designated directory. And after that smbstatus doesn't show any
> connections either. I thought that would be enough condition for such an
> event. That's just my simple thinking ;-)

You could do without a special semaphore file.
Roaming create something useable NTUSER.DAT
This file is updated at every successful logoff
Checking its date will allow you to know if the profile was updated

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