samba 3.6.3 exporting aufs

Christian Huldt christian at
Sun Jun 16 07:14:28 MDT 2013

I thought I could provide a smooth transition from traditional hard 
drives to ssd by layering the ssd on top of the existing file structure 
with aufs [1].

Unfortunately folders with content not completely copied up to the ssd 
can not be renamed through samba. Renaming (mv) on the server works 
flawlessly, and afterwards that folder is copied up to the ssd and 
renaming works from windows, but before that, windows7 returns "invalid 
device" and smbclient says "access denied". To do an rename from windows 
requires copying the folder to the client, deleting it from the server 
and copying it back, then it works, as the folder is now on the ssd.

Could anyone please help me to gain some insight into this? I know that 
samba strives to copy windows behaviour, but AFAIK there is nothing like 
aufs for windows...


Christian Huldt

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