Samba and logoff event

Alex Winzer alex.e-mail at
Fri Jun 14 16:42:10 MDT 2013


first of all thank your for your great work on Samba. I'm using it for 
years and I'm kind of satisfied. Second I don't know if this is the 
right list to ask. So I#d be thankful for any advice were to put it right.

I'm using samba as a primary domian controller mostly for Windows XP 
clients with roaming profiles. I have two offices and so I'm using samba 
as a file server only from that second office. This I wanted to change.

I already did some research on the internet, how to syncronize these 
profiles. There seems not to be an event fired by samba if a user does a 
logoff from PDC. That's why some people offer a solution by using a cron 
job to keep the profiles the same. Others use a construction of 
smbstatus and grep or netstat and grep to simulate this.

So here my questions:
1. Does samba have such kind of event?
2. If it has, how can I handle it / find some information about?
3. If it doesn't, would it be possible to insert such kind of event into 
future versions of samba?

Thanks in advance


P.S. Sorry for my bad English, but I'm not a native speaker. At least I 
hope you understand what I want to say and ask.

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