Strange DNS PTR records

Charles Tryon charles.tryon at
Wed Jun 5 14:18:28 MDT 2013

Another question regarding DNS:

I have a test domain I provisioned quite a while ago (probably shortly
before the final 4.0.0 release, but I don't remember exactly when).  It is
currently set up to use BIND 9.9 for DNS.  Most things are running fine on
it (though admittedly it doesn't get pushed very hard).

When I look at the domain using the DNS manager from Windows Remote
Management Tools set (from a Win7 client), I the forward lookup zone looks
fine, but I see a bunch of strange PTR records.  Almost all the PTR records
have five octets rather than the normal four -- for example,,
or  In all cases, the third and fourth positions are the same.
 (We are using a /19 subnet.)  The really bizarre thing is that if I try to
delete the records, I get an error back that the records "do not exist."

Is this an example of the "zombie DNS records" which I've seen mentioned

 - If it is, what is the best way to clean this up?
 - If I use the "samba_upgradedns" command, will that purge/rebuild/fix the
DNS database, or will it simply change the front end (BIND vs. Internal)
server which is looking at the same back end database?

(Re-provisioning this box from scratch isn't entirely out of the question,
since it is a test server, but it would be a big pain to reconstruct the
domain, especially the machine accounts.  :-( )


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