Internal DNS server. Failure, when a client a) registers an IP b) deletes that IP c) registers again

Kai Blin kai at
Sat Jun 1 01:39:32 MDT 2013

On 31/05/13 17:42, Michael Wood wrote:

> Should "allow dns updates = yes" (or "true" or "1" or "on" or "enabled")
> be deprecated for 4.1?  It seems like it's likely to be used by mistake
> otherwise when the user does not read the documentation properly or
> copies an smb.conf from someone's blog etc.

Yes and no. Let me elaborate on this a little.

Yes, because that setting should not be in smb.conf after all, but 
should be read from the zone's flags like the Windows DNS server does.

No, because even on Windows it is possible to set up unsigned updates, 
so I'm against killing that setting overall.

There's an open bug for switching to the AD-based setting.
Patches are welcome.


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