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Sat Jul 27 09:20:46 MDT 2013

Dear all,

After using samba 3 for two years, I have just spent totally one week finishing setting up a samba 4 file system in my working school.  There are about 200 computers, 80+ staff, 1000 students and 10 printers.  The AD was properly setup, mandatory profile and one GPO policy (which is printer download trust) is effective for all users.  Logon script is for mapping four shares and 10 printers from the file server.   Also, I have setup two additional DCs (with AD replication and DHCP server) for two other subnets in the hope to speed up the logon process.

The benefits of Samba 4 are clear: more robust file serving (supporting the windows ACL), speedy printing (with the help of point and printer driver) and administration of AD through with windows remote admin tool.  However, logon speed is just far from good.

In the days of Samba 3.6, users can logon the system within 20 seconds, even with more than 80 users logon in the same time (two classes students login during computer lesson).  Now, with only one user logging in (who is me), it takes nearly 60 seconds to do the logon.  I have tried disabling drive and printer mapping in logon script and applying a registry hack (note 1) shorten the profile waiting time in windows 7 client side but it makes no difference in logon speed.

I have taken a look on the document in sambaXP 2013:

and two thread in samba-technical mailing list:

It seems that samba team is doing some great work in spotting the unindexed search in LDB as one of block in performance.  Certainly, I can wait for the new version 4.0.X for the boost of performance.  However, I am in deep panic when lessons are going to be launched on 1st September 2013 here in Hong Kong.  Are there any patches so that I can a hot / dirty fix?

Thanks for attending.

Kinglok, Fong

Note: "Set maximum wait time for the network if a user has a roaming...." to 1 (setting it to 0 will default it to 30 seconds) and "Startup policy processing wait time..." to 1
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